Where to Install Your Hidden Camera in the Home

Many people nowadays are opting to add extra security to their home in the form of hidden nanny cams and mini security cameras. These devices can be extremely useful in not only monitoring events in the property, but also making sure that valuables are more protected; this can be especially of use in a place with a great deal of expensive belongings or a lot of hired help.

One thing that people struggle with is where to hide their hidden security camera so that it picks up good footage of whatever they are filming but also remains discrete and undetectable. Here are some of our top tips on where to place these devices for best results and maximum protection.

A hidden security camera can be used in any room in the home, although care should be taken in place such as kitchens and bathrooms where there are a lot of water fittings and plumbing that could potentially cause damage to the equipment. Apart from taking care in these instances, however, there is a vast range of choice of locations to select from.

One of the top choices for placing this surveillance equipment in the home is on a bookshelf, as this is very easy to install and usually blends in perfectly with other items kept on the shelf. It is often possible to buy these kinds of devices in the shape of a book; otherwise, you may be able to buy a hollowed out book – or make your own – for concealing this surveillance equipment.

Another common place to put a hidden camera is on a TV stand, as this can blend in perfectly with the other equipment that is already here; people are very unlikely to notice a tiny camera that is placed next to a variety of other electronic equipment.

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The advantage of these two choices is that they are in fixed positions that generally offer a great view of a room. Whereas a hidden security camera in a more obscure position may not pick up what is happening in the centre of a room, TV stands and bookshelves generally facilitate this, making for extremely useful footage.

Many people who invest in nanny cams to check up on their children and the hired domestic help that takes care of them have come up with some ingenious places to store these kinds of devices where they will go undetected. One of these is inside a teddy bear, which can be a great option in a nursery or child’s bedroom that is full of various toys.

The disadvantage to installing a hidden security camera in a stuffed toy, however, is that these items can be moved around, can fall over, and can generally be displaced, thus limiting the efficacy of this solution. If you do choose to hide a camera in a toy, make sure that it is in a good position in a room in order to capture useful footage, and that it also unlikely to be played with.

Finally, try putting your hidden surveillance equipment in smaller decorative items that would not look out of place in almost any room in the home. A commonly used example of this is in a mantle or wall clock, as these items are in no way suspicious, can be placed in any room and offer great footage of the space.

If you have mirrors or vases of flowers throughout the home, these also make great places to hide surveillance equipment. A two sided mirror may be a little expensive, but could definitely worth the investment for undetectable and highly effective surveillance in many rooms in your property.

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When installing a hidden camera in your home, try some of the above ideas for subtle yet effective ways of monitoring the goings on in your premises. For best results, make sure that your equipment gets a good view of the room, is unlikely to be displaced, and is well concealed in order to avoid detection.


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