What Would You Do If You Had Had No Internet Service?

I recently bought a home in the country. I want the presence of nature and to write with earth's magnetism as my motivator. The home is beautiful, and the property it sits on a natural park-like setting. This has always been my desire and I have worked very hard to get here.

Windows line each room of the house with the majestic views of nature's invitation to write. Perhaps someday I may get window treatments although I do not really need them, the home is so very privately located. My first morning after move-in I watched the sun-rise while eating oatmeal and bananas for breakfast.

Just as I finished my meal I glanced through another large window and saw four beautiful deer eating pears from one of my pear trees. Their magnificence had me mesmerized with awe. Within two weeks, I experienced many awesome moments; even a story about a bear.

What I did not realize is living in a natural park-like setting with its peaceful serenity could also be challenging. I arranged my internet service for installation two days after move-in. The technician arrived late in the afternoon; the schedule had been early morning. After spending several hours doing the things that internet installers do; I had high-speed internet and was a happy camper.

What happened next was shocking. Shortly after the installer left, I lost my internet connection. I was in the world oblivion! I called the provider and was told the technician would do the repair the following day. Patently I waited and waited and waited.

Three days later he finally showed-up only to tell me newer cable was needed. It would take several more days before I received internet service. What a blow to my morale! How could I possibly be without internet service for two weeks? What if I really needed Google? And to make matters even worse, I could not be in touch with my social media.

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Can you imagine your life without internet service? It's almost as depressing as not having electricity. I had no idea how much my daily routine could be changed by not going on-line to work, publish, or communicate with people.

Even my tablet was useless. And while I love my smart-phone; which is nothing more than a computer with a phone app; it just could not satisfy my need for working on-line.

However I did learn a valuable lesson. I can survive without internet service if I appreciate what nature's excitation and beauty offer. Was this not my dream; the reason I moved to a rural area? Reflecting back on those days without on-line service, I can see that it was a really good thing. The answer to truly find peace and happiness is living in present moment.

"Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple." CW Ceram


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