Motorola Release The Defy Handset On T-Mobile

In an age when the mobile smartphone market is very much about looks over substance, the Motorola Defy makes a refreshing change as it backs up its stylish appearance with a robust and durable chassis that ensures the phone will be as goods as new months down the line.

At the heart of the Motorola Defy is a good quality 800Mhz processor. Although not quite the 1Ghz affair found on models such as the HTC Desire HD, this is still capable of ensuring that the phone zips through all manner of tasks. Applications load quickly with minimal lag, and scrolling through the numerous Android homescreens is instantaneous. The processor is backed up by an ample 512MB of RAM and 2GB of internal storage space. This amount should prove enough for the average phone user, but the micro SD card slot allows the opportunity for expansion to those who need it. Previous attempts at robust handsets have often been both bulky and basic, so it is nice to see Motorola break from the trend with this new model. The phone, although not the most stylish, is still a great looking model. The only visible signs of it toughened shell are a set of screws dotted around the edges. The handset is just 13.4mm in depth and the other dimensions are a relatively compact at 107 x 59mm. A 3.7″ screen is the perfect size, offering the large screen experience yet remaining small enough not to alienate potential customers. At 480 x 854 pixels, the resolution ensures that all manner of material looks superb. An accelerometer chip enables auto rotate functions to be performed, and there is also a proximity sensor to shut the screen whilst during a call, preventing you accidentally pressing the buttons.

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The general durability of the Motorola Defy helps the handset overcome being dropped, getting wet and being used in dusty environments. The screen is constructed from a toughened glass named Gorilla glass. This makes it very scratch resistant, so much so that you can rub a set of keys across it without any ill effect. The build quality is not the only area where this model excels. Audio wise a multitude of file formats can be used which include MP3, WAV and WMA. Couple this with the RDS FM tuner and the 3.5mm headphone socket and you have a comprehensive portable music player. At 5 million pixels, the camera function also takes a superb quality photograph, and could save you the need for carrying a separate digital camera around with you. This facility is helped by the fact it offers auto focus, an LED flash and image stabilisation.

The Motorola Defy will appeal to all manner of consumers. As a smartphone it certainly competes with some of the very best available, whilst its durability means it will appeal to manual workers who still require smartphone functionality.


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