Motorola Droid Creating a Milestone in the History of Smartphones

The Motorola Droid has become a huge hit despite the wide selection of android phones. It takes pride in its crystal-clear LCD display and fast web browser. It is also one of the best smartphones that can be used for better messaging and improved contact management. With this phone, you can experience exceptional talk qualities and browse through your phones system at faster rates.

Advanced design and excellent display

Among all the droid phones, Motorola Droids are the only ones with the most exquisite designs and displays. Its sharp angles and smooth surface makes it look the most elegant smartphone in the market.

Branded as the phone filled with many surprises, Motorola Droid is known for its innovative WVGA display. Its 3.7-inch LCD screen makes it perfect for viewing images and video clips. Its generous color support of 16 million hues and impressive resolution of 440×854 pixels are perfect for displaying high-quality images and videos. Its LCD display is bright and brilliant enough to display the sharpest graphics and the most vibrant colors.

This smartphone is approximately 4.56 inches tall and 2.36 inches wide. Although it is relatively heavier than other Android phones, its slim design makes it portable and more convenient to use.

Touch-sensitive interface

Motorola Droid has a touch interface that is very responsive and quick. Its added multi-touch capability will also make it easier for you to browse through Motorola’s menu. Like other Android phones, it also has a vibrating feedback for particular functions. You also have the option to completely turn off its haptic feedback system.

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Convenient keypad and controls

Motorola Droid is also recognized for its advanced touch controls. It has for separate controls for Home, Back, Search, and Menu. After pressing its search key, it will immediately launch Google search. The Menu button will promptly open various Menu commands once it is pressed. The compact size and responsive nature of its touch controls make this droid phone stand out amidst other smartphones.

Motorola Droid’s full QWERTY keyboard will make it easier for you to type down long emails and reports. Its physical keyboard is easy to feel and to press. Each letter on its keyboard is also large enough and its powerful backlight is perfect for dialing numbers in the dark.

It also features two additional controls the Alt and Shift keys. It has a large, easy-to-use spacebar and menu keys that are easy to feel and to press.

Enhanced software and interface

Motorola Droid is one of the best smartphones that offer enhance user interfaces and built-in programs. Its Droid software makes it process information faster than any other droid phone. Its software also resulted to an enhanced user interface with streamlined and more refined features. Preloaded widgets for setting and power controls will make it easier for you to adjust its brightness and to turn off its wireless connections.

These are only some of the features that made Motorola Droid the best android phone in today’s market. If you want a phone that screams with elegance and functionality, the Motorola Droid is your best option.

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