Everything You Need to Know About the Canon SD90IS

One of the newest point and shoot cameras in their Powershot line on the market is the Canon SD90IS. Great for the serious amateur and professionals looking for something a bit smaller than their DSLR, it has great features for a variety of situations.

At 10 megapixels and with a 3.0 inch LCD screen, this camera rivals the DSLRs of a few years ago, but in a much smaller package. 10 megapixels is capable of printing slightly larger than an 8×10 photograph at 300 pixels per inch which is the resolution for a high quality photograph. Viewing and showing off recently taken photos is easy on the 3.0 inch screen and this also makes taking the pictures easier as the screen is can be viewed from a variety of angles.

The camera comes with one lithium battery and a charger. Most people will need a spare battery just in case they don’t have access to a plug for charging, but this is still much more convenient than carrying around a bunch of regular batteries. It’s cheaper too since the battery can be recharged instead of having to buy new ones all the time.

Its lens is a 3.8x wide angle optical zoom with image stabilization. This makes it great for shooting in low light situations and moving subjects. The zoom lens (equivalent to 28-105mm) is great for most normal shooting situations as well, including landscapes and travel photos.

The camera has a maximum ISO of 12,800 coupled with an aperture as low as 2.0 this also helps in shooting in low light. In digital photography ISO is the same as it was in film photography meaning that the higher the ISO the faster the shutter works and the less light it needs. This aperture opens wide to let in more light as well, helping in low light. Wider aperture openings also make a shallower depth of field which is great to highlight the subject, especially in portrait photography.

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The camera is able to shoot in either RAW or JPEG formats or both at once. Most people will shoot in JPEG as it is the most common digital photo format and is good for basic editing. RAW on the other hand is great for those that wish to spend a little more time on the computer editing and processing their images. It is also good for those that don’t want their photos compressed as they are in JPEGs.

The Canon SD90IS comes with all the basics that other Canon cameras come with including: one battery and charger, neck strap, Digital Solution CD-ROM, and a USB cord and A/V cord, so the user has everything they need to take pictures, upload and show them off.

The Canon SD90IS has all the features the serious amateur or professional might need in a small point-and-shoot. With its high resolution, fast zoom lens and high ISO ability, it’s a versatile camera that can shoot in a variety of situations from low light to outdoor portraits and is worth the $430 pricetag.


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