Do not Be Fooled By Amazing Free Laptops

Nobody likes to be scammed, especially when it involves an amazing free laptop. The internet is full of disinformation these days and it is pretty easy to be sucked into a bad deal. Marketers online can be pretty convincing. Just look at all those Amway and Quikstar scams you see on the news.

There are a few ways you can get a amazing free laptop online today without being scammed. Sometimes companies such as HP or Dell will give away laptops. One I just found about was that Microsoft cave away 400 free laptops for consumers to test out the new Windows 7 software. They wanted to produce much needed feedback from real people like you and I and also took advantage of free marketing. When you give away this many free products, you get on the news!

I like to get my computers online through survey websites. This is an easy way to side track the scams and get straight to the computer. These companies require you to enter all your correct information and then like to see that you complete all the requirements they ask of you. I have completed and received about 5 laptops over a 2 year period. This is the real deal! Even the computer I am using now was free. If I bought this today from the store, it would have cost me $ 900 dollars. Would you rather spend that much money, or would you like to not be scammed and find one that will take an hour of your time and a few dollar?


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